About the Author

Rachelle Rose Kinney is a prophetic writer and holistic healer from St. Paul, Minnesota. She began her studies of the healing arts in 2003 with a focus on holistic healing, and she has worked with many healing modalities over the years. She has a deep passion for prophetic intercession as well as healing and deliverance ministry, and her desire to see humanity heal drives her life. Rachelle began writing prophetically at the age of seventeen; her writings center on spiritual healing. The meditations in this book were originally given to her through the Holy Spirit to assist in her own sacred healing. Having gone through a seven-year healing and restoration period, she was inspired to share what was gifted to her. She also does work in home health care. She brings her experience in healing to help her clients have quality of life, while remaining in their home environment. Rachelle enjoys the blessing of frequent time spent with her grandchildren.